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I agree

with the guy below. Yeah, you need to make it longer. It's much too short.

The idea for a 'magical pen' isn't the most original - it's been done before, many times. You also need to work on your physics - the breaking wall, the water filling up the hole, then falling down... etc.

But it was still quite good - keep it up.

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Pretty good...

Pros: Good idea. I started laughing after the second ad, and the ending was pretty neat. I think you used the idea pretty well. The movement of the characters was also realistic a lot of the time.

Cons: Some of the animation needs work, like when the guys rubs his chin or the lady first comes up the stairs. In fact, the animation seems to get better as we progress through the movie.
The sound effects weren't the best, but that wasn't much of a problem.

Overall: 9/10 for pros and 7/10 for cons. Average = 8/10. Keep the animating up.

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BigTippi responds:

Well thanks for the comment, and also pointing out the pros to the animation. I knew the chin rub and the stairs were not the best, but i also ran out of time and couldn't do a 3rd run through on those parts.

Thanks for laughing at the jokes, it is kinda funny that you started laughing at the same point that most other people did that, I showed this to, before I submitted it.


There are a lot of sprite animations out there - and a lot of them aren't very good. However, this is one the best I've seen so far - I think it's got a good feel for movement and it's mostly smoothly done.
I just wish all the others were more like this.

Good job and keep it up.

SXR123 responds:

Thanks a lot! glad you like it

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Fantastic idea. I agree with the the guy below, in that it needs to be a little more original from PvZ, and you could of expanded the idea more. But it's still heaps of fun.

Xplored responds:

Thanks to the good success we seriously think to expand the ideas on a sequel.
Thanks for the 9.




I know it's supposed to be hard, but the passageways are still way to small.

wclarke5646 responds:

Thanks for the advice, I was starting to realize that after i uploaded it

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It's a good little tune. During the first half, i can kind of feel it building up to something, but not really during the second half, where it starts to feel like there's not a lot of variation. Still, it was really good.

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Very well done.

None of your business.

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